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Ugliest Car

Posted on 16 June, 2018 by Amelia
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gallerymariko.com -Ugliest Car The list of ugly cars in history is long, and the worst looking cars are spread across a variety of brands (although they’re often boxy cars). But which is the UGLIEST car design ever? Is it the

1. Top 10 Chart Of The Ugliest Cars In History

Top 10 Chart Of The Ugliest Cars In History  DownloadSource: carsintrend.com

10 of the Ugliest Car s you will ever see. Can a car be art? Certainly, an E-type Jag could give Da Vinci something to think about, but what about a Nissan Juke, or a Pontiac Aztek? Unfortunately, we’ve all seen examples to the contrary— cars hit so many times by the ugly stick that only a mother could love its poor face.

Top 10 ugliest cars ever built. The search for the ugliest car of all time can take you into realms you would never expect, including culture, engineering and art. There is mystery, too: what can explain the thinking of the

32 ugliest cars of all time. For the most part, car designers do a pretty good job of creating attractive cars that appeal to broad audiences. Some are stunningly gorgeous, like the E-Type Jaguar, but most of us are happy if the car we drive won’t embarrass us too badly. Well, the following cars don’t fall into either category. They’re just downright ugly. Owning one of these is like dating a really hideous person. Even if they’re smart, sweet and loyal,iIt doesn’t matter; other people are judging you.

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